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Fort Henry Heights Skating Club
Constantine Arena, 7 Navy Way ( Across from RMC)
StarSkate - Information Sheet

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STARSKATE TEST LEVEL  MATRIX    (Based on the Skate Canada STARSkate template)

Senior Sr Silver – Gold Sr Silver – Gold Sr Silver – Gold Silver-Gold
Intermediate Sr Bronze – Jr Silver Sr Bronze – Jr Silver Sr Bronze – Jr Silver Intro-Bronze
Junior Prelim-Jr Bronze Prelim-Jr Bronze Prelim-Jr Bronze N/A
Introductory/CanSkate Plus Pre Preliminary Pre Preliminary Pre Preliminary N/A


  1. All STARSkate registered skaters are encouraged to take part in the off-ice sessions available each week.
  2. Off-ice classes are included in all registration packages. 
  3. Refer to the monthly calendar to determine the location of off-ice classes.

             Saturday – 8:30-9:45 am                    KMCSC Yoga Room               Conductor Laura Breck
             Sunday – 8:30-9:45  am                     KMCSC Yoga Room               Conductor Laura Breck


  1. Timings and specific arena details are indicated on the monthly calendar.   Please note, the regular season is October to March, September sessions differ from the norm and are detailed on the monthly calendar.
  2. Weekend sessions at Constantine Arena rotate on a monthly basis, schedule A and schedule B.  
  3. Skaters are to skate on the days for which they are registered.  Session times and days are not transferable.
  4. Full package skaters (only) are permitted to take part in the session cross-over and are permitted to skate 60 minutes on the alternate session time.   This time is not to be utilized in lieu of regular session time, cross-over is offered as a bonus
     in addition to the skaters’ registered regular session.
  5. The FHHSC reserves the right to place skaters in the skating session that best suits their skating ability and the needs of the club.  Substantiated requests for session movement are to be submitted in writing by the Coach.

ICE SCHEDULE (Regular Season timings)
Monday – Cataraqui Community Centre – Kinsman Ice Pad – 3:00-5:30 pm
Wednesday – Cataraqui Community Centre – Cataraqui Ice Pad -- 6:00-8:00 am 
Thursday – Cataraqui Community Centre – Kinsman Ice Pad – 3:00-4:30 pm
Saturday – Constantine Arena – See Session Breakdown below
Sunday – Constantine Arena – See Session Breakdown below

SESSION BREAKDOWN – Constantine Arena (rotated monthly)

Constantine Arena- Schedule A

Constantine Arena-Schedule B

Saturday               AM                        Sunday                  AM
Senior                   6:00-8:00              Intermediate          6:00-8:00        
Flood                    8:00-8:10              Flood                    8:00-8:10
Intermediate          8:10-10:00             Senior                  8:10-10:00
Junior Plus            9:20-10:00             Flood                  10:00-10:15
Flood                    10:00-10:15

Note:  Priority is given for stroking in the last 10 minutes of each session.               

Saturday               AM                       Sunday                  AM
Intermediate          6:00-8:00                Senior               6:00-8:00
Flood                    8:00-8:10                Flood                8:00-8:10
Senior                   8:10-10:00              Intermediate       8:10-10:00
Flood                    10:00-10:15            Junior  Plus        9:20-10:00
                                                         Flood                 10:00-10:15   
Note:  Priority is given for stroking in the last 10 minutes of each session.



Calendars and Newsletters are issued on a monthly basis and are available on the FHHSC Website.

In an effort to keep the cost of skating programs at a reasonable rate, it is necessary for all members to participate in the
fundraising program that is co-ordinated on behalf of the Fort Henry Heights Skating Club.  The Fundraising Chairperson goes
to a great deal of effort  to investigate and organize these initiatives, in an effort to provide something that will appeal
to our membership.   Fundraising programs are organized throughout the skating season and we ask that all of our families
take an active part.  Your continued support of the skating club and its programs will assist in the overall success of the skating

Playing music, during the weekend sessions, at Constantine Arena is offered on a voluntary basis for all parents of skaters
registered in the STARSkate program.  Parents who wish to volunteer may sign up and will be eligible for raffle draws.