Welcome to
Fort Henry Heights Skating Club
Constantine Arena, 7 Navy Way ( Across from RMC)


By-Law 1.

The Club, with regard to any aspect of its operation is to be managed and operated by volunteer eligible persons who are duly registered as Associate Members of Skate Canada (SC Rule 1502(b)). 

By-Law 2.

The Club shall protect the eligible status of its members and shall not take or omit any action that would knowingly jeopardize the eligible status of its members.


By-Law 3.

The Club shall be a member of Skate Canada,  operate only Skate Canada programs by qualified  Skate Canada Coaches,  and is located in Skate Canada Easter Ontario Section.

By-Law 4.

The Club shall pay such fees and such other charges as shall be required of clubs by Skate Canada, and shall abide by all Skate Canada By-laws, rules, regulations as per Skate Canada By-Law 1201(1)(c)(iv).


By-Law 5.

The Club shall not be responsible for any damages, injury, or loss of property to any member, guest or visitor to the Club regardless of the reason or nature of such damage, loss or injury.  Further, every member, guest or visitor shall use the Club facilities at his or her own risk.  The Club shall participate in the Skate Canada Club Liability Insurance Program (SC Rule 1503(c)).


By-Law 6.

The membership year shall be the same as the Skate Canada membership year.

By-Law 7.

The classes of membership, eligibility and privileges shall be as follows:

  1. Individual Membership:   Non-skating members who have paid the fees set by the Club and are Associate Members of Skate Canada.  Individual members of legal age shall be entitled to one vote.
  2. Active Membership:
    1. All eligible skaters who have paid the fees as set forth by the Club and are Associate Members of Skate Canada.  All Active Members of legal age of 18 years have one vote each; and
    2. Underage Active Members have no vote but are represented by Special Members as in (c).
  3. Special Membership:
    1. Parent or guardian of legally underage Active Members who have paid the fees as set by the Club and are Associate Members Skate Canada.
    2. Each family will have one vote.
  4. Partial Membership:
    1. Any eligible skater who is an Associate Member of Skate Canada and has paid a reduced fee as set by the Club.
    2. Partial members have no vote and may not hold office.
  5. Honorary Membership:
    1. The Annual Meeting of members may elect any person an Honorary Member of the Club and
    2. An Honorary Member shall be exempt from dues, have one vote and no interests in the assets of the Club. (NOTE: see SC Rules 1201, 1503 and 2102.)

By-Law 8.

All members of the Club shall pay the required membership fee of the Fort Henry Heights Community Recreation Association.


By-Law 10.

The Delegate to Skate Canada or alternate shall be appointed annually by the Executive.  The Delegate need not be a member of the Executive.  The Skate Canada National Office shall be advised of the appointed delegate's name. NOTE: see SC Rules 1205 and 1209 as to appointment of Delegates and use of Proxies, etc.).

By-Law 11.

The members of the Executive, members and Chairmen of committees, and the Delegate to Skate Canada must be members in good standing of the Club.  They must be registered as Associate Members of Skate Canada, be of legal age, and be eligible persons with the exception of the Coaching Representative as defined by Skate Canada Rules.

By-Law 12.

Casual vacancies occurring in the Executive may be filled by members appointed through a majority vote of the Executive, or in the case of the coaching representative, by the coaching staff.

By-Law 13.

The President shall act as Chairman of all executive and general meetings.  In his/her absence, this duty will be filled by the Vice President.

By-Law 14.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the safe control of all Club funds.  For preparing and Submitting to the Executive an annual budget.

By-Law 15.

The Secretary shall deal with all correspondence subject to the approval of the President or his/her delegate.  Shall issue all notices for executive or general meetings, shall take minutes of all meetings, and shall be responsible for submitting to Skate Canada and Sections, such reports as are required by Skate Canada Rules or other regulations.



The committee is responsible for selecting at least a full slate of candidates for election to Club Office and shall present such a slate to the Executive at least 21 days before the Annual General Meeting.


By-Law 17.

A General Meeting shall be held annually and may be held more frequently upon the request of the Executive Committee or upon written request of 10 percent of the voting membership.


The Annual Meeting shall be held within sixty (60) days of the close of the winter skating season.


Rules of order for all meetings, general and executive shall be as outlined in "Roberts Rules of Order" in all cases in which they are applicable and consistent with the by-laws or special rules of the Association (SC Rule 1210).


The order of business at Annual General Meetings or Special Meetings of the Club shall be as follows:

  1. Minutes of the preceding general/specific meeting
  2. confirmation of the actions taken by the Executive
  3. Secretary's Report
  4. Treasurer's Report
  5. Other Reports
  6. Election of Executive Officers and Members
  7. Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws



Voting for club elections or on any matters pertaining to skating shall be restricted to eligible club members who are registered as Associate Member of Skate Canada and of legal age.  To the club Coaching representative and to Special Members of the club voting on behalf of their underage children.  Special Members shall be restricted to one vote per family registered through the club.

By-Law 22.

Voting on Club Elections shall be by secret ballot and a simple majority shall elect a candidate.


By-Law 23.

Any member of the Club, in good standing, may propose an amendment to the Constitution or By-Laws of the Club.  This proposal must be submitted in writing to the Executive of the Club.  The proposed amendment will be presented to the Annual General Meeting  or Special Meetings falling 21 days or more after the date of submission.  No amendment to the Constitution or By Laws of the Club shall be accepted from the floor of any meeting.

By-Law 24.

Any proposal to amend the Constitution or By-Laws must pass by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of those present and eligible to vote at an Annual or General Meeting of the Club.

By-Law 25.

All amendments, once approved by the Recreation Council Chairperson and the PSP Manager, shall be submitted to Skate Canada.  Skate Canada reserves the right of refusal of any amendment. Such  refusal shall only be made if the intent of such amendment is to violate in Canada  Rule.


By-Law 26.

All funds shall be deposited by the Treasurer through CFB Kingston Non Public Funds Office.

By-Law 27.

All disbursements of club funds shall be by cheque or other auditable document.