Welcome to
Fort Henry Heights Skating Club
Constantine Arena, 7 Navy Way ( Across from RMC)

The Fort Henry Heights Skating Club (FHHSC) is a proud member of Skate Canada and Skate Ontario and has been in operation for more than 55 years. Based out of the Constantine Arena, Kingston Garrison, we provide skating instruction for all levels including: CanSkate, Parent and Tot, Hockey CanSkate, CanPower Skate, PreSTAR, STAR 1 to 5, STARSkate and Adult/teen. The aim of the club is to promote and develop an interest in the sport of skating. The emphasis is on community participation and providing an enjoyable experience for our skaters.


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The Canskate Program is Skate Canada’s flagship learn to skate program, geared to beginners of all ages.

CanSkate has a fresh new look.  Revisions include a renewed focus on teaching and mastering strong basic skills earlier to prepare skaters for all ice sports – hockey, ringette, speed skating and figure skating.  On-Ice delivery focusing on continuous movement emphasizes the use of newer and more dynamic group teaching concepts including Fast Track, Fun Zone and station rotation taught by Skate Canada Professional Coaches assisted by trained Program Assistants.   More visual aids and music are used to create a fun, stimulating and welcoming environment.  

The CanSkate Program curriculum is organized into three fundamental areas: Balance – concentrating on most forward skills, pushing techniques and edges. Control – concentrating on most backward skills, stopping and speed elements. Agility – concentrating on most turning and jumping skills.

Lessons are taught in a group format and consist of 55 minutes of instruction, 10 minutes off-ice warm up and 45 minutes on ice group classes. Skaters can skate once or twice a week. Rewards and incentives are used to motivate skaters to achieve and develop their skills as well as to keep their interest.


STARSKATE - STAR:  Skills, Test, Achievement and Recognition Program. This program offers opportunities for skaters to develop basic to advanced skating skills in four disciplines: Freestyle, Dance, Interpretive and Skating Skills.

STAR 1-5 -   This is where “figure skating” begins and introduces participants to key components including performance, assessment and competition.  Each level of this national program emphasizes key skills such as turns, stroking, jumps, spins, dance and synchronized skating.  Sessions provide a  40 or 50 minute  on ice lesson that highlights supervised instruction with smaller skater to coach ratio, including independent practice time and off-ice training sessions.   Off-ice is recommended along with two or three skating sessions per week.  Skaters must have completed the CanSkate program to be eligible for this program.

STAR:  Skills, Test, Achievement and Recognition Program

PRE STAR - The objective of  Pre  STAR is to complete the final two levels of the CanSkate program while introducing skaters to basic figure skating skills including:  jumps, spins, turns, edge skills and dances.  Fifty minute session on ice with group lessons/ supervised practice time, and   highlights smaller skater to coach ratio as  a transition to STARSkate.  The program features Professional Skate Canada Coaches assisted by qualified Program Assistants who help with warm up, cool down and lesson rotation.   Off-ice is recommended along with two skating sessions per week.  Skaters must  have  completed CanSkate Stage 4 (or based on assessment of  the FHHSC). 


Registration forms are to be submitted to the Kingston Military Sport Centre (Base Gym) or

for more information please contact Brenna Lavigne, email: fhhskatingclub@gmail.com


Due to the limited availability of ice, our schedule is very tight. We make all attempts to ensure lessons proceed in a timely fashion, therefore, we ask your co-operation in having your child ready to be on the ice when their lesson commences.


As with any volunteer organization we are actively seeking volunteers to take part and assist in the daily running of our club. Whether you assist with our ice show, as a phone contact parent or on the executive, your assistance is extremely valued and necessary.

Warm Up Suits

Club jackets and warm-up suits are available and ordered once a year, normally in November.

Harness Usage

Use of the harness is restricted to FHHSC skaters, with priority given to home club members. Guest skaters will not be permitted use of the harness.

Guest Skating

Guest skating is only permitted on the STARSkate sessions with prior consent of the FHHSC. Guest skaters must sign-in and pay, at the sound booth, prior to skating.


Our club operates with both Skate Canada Professional Coaches and Volunteer Program Assistants (PAs). PAs are volunteer skaters from our STARSkate program. All of our Coaching staff are fully trained in the most up to date techniques and skills they require to teach your child.